Thursday, September 25, 2014

An Open Letter to All CFRE's and Members of the AFP International:

Dear Professional Fundraisers,

I worked for one of your fellow members at a popular downtown San Jose museum.  While employed there the director, a CFRE, refused to ensure that I got my lunch and rest breaks as required by law.  She also did not pay me for those lunch and rest breaks, even though I worked straight through them.

She showed negligent and unethical management practices.  Her behavior was detrimental to both me and the nonprofit organization she leads.  I know that her actions run counter to the high ethical standards that the AFP International holds all members accountable to. This is why I am asking you to share your outrage with the AFP International.  Please email the AFPI President, Andrew Watt, at to let him know that any AFP member who has a wage theft and/or labor law violation judgement passed against them should face expulsion from the organization.

Angela Greben