Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Louise, You Broke My Heart by not Being a Team Player

For those of you who don't know, while I was employed at the museum, Louise, my former coworker, and I shared overlapping job duties.  We were both fully capable of working at the admissions desk and fulfilling all of the duties that being the "face of the museum" required.

Louise, I want you to know that the director made it clear when I started working there that you and I could trade off days just as long as we both worked our regular hours.

In the entire 10 months of my employment I worked every weekend.  The weekends before and after the Christmas holidays, Mother's Day weekend, and Father's Day weekend.  During that whole time I only had Easter Sunday off and one Saturday during the summer when my mother-in-law was in town.

When I let our boss know that not having a weekend to spend with my family was making me depressed she claimed that she talked to you about working an occasional weekend.  The boss isn't known for sticking to the truth and so I confronted you about it.  All I asked was if the two of you had indeed had that conversation. I wasn't asking that you work every weekend (she may have indicated that, I don't know) I was only asking that you work an occasional weekend.  However, when I brought it up you got a look on your face like you had just smelled a bad fart.  You looked at me in disgust and said that you weren't available to work any weekends.  Some team player.  Really, is asking you to work 8-12 weekends a year too much when I'm already working 52?  That would have made the biggest difference in my family life.  Just to be able to spend quality time with my loved ones.

Louise, you broke my heart.  I knew at that point that you couldn't be depended upon.  I had to depend on myself.  That's not how a team works.  That's dysfunctional.  As part of a condition of work I had to be at the museum every weekend and the boss already made it clear in an earlier email addressed to me that I couldn't get a consecutive Saturday and Sunday off because that would mean she would have to work seven days in a row to cover my absence.

I had to sacrifice my family time to keep my job.  Louise, I want you to know that your reaction hurt me more than anything.