Friday, January 9, 2015

A Fond Farewell to you Christine, I will Always Remember...

  • How my work computer was not scrubbed of the previous employee's resignation letter.
  • Your absolutely disgusting story you told about taking styrofoam pellets that resembled Cheetos, painting them a "Cheetos" color, and then leaving them out in a bowl for your co-workers to eat.  You laughed hysterically while telling me this horrifying story.
  • You getting mad at not knowing how to look at the "stamp sign-out sheet" to see how postal stamps were being used and telling me that if you didn't find out how the stamps were used you would take that money out of my paycheck.  A co-worker confirmed that you had made similar threats to other past employees.
  • Our first encounter.  No, our first encounter was not during the job interview process.  You may not remember, but I do.  It was at the 2012 PIQF (a regional quilt show for those of you who don't know).  You sat at the museum's table ready to engage people in becoming involved with the museum.  It was strange though.  I was the only person standing in front of you for a good 5 minutes and you didn't make eye contact with me, try to engage me in conversation, or even ask if I was interested in becoming a volunteer or member.  Nothing!  You went to a quilt show and as Executive Director you sat there and did nothing.
  • You getting mad at me for complaining about working more hours than what I was being paid and the retaliatory action you took as a result.  Yes, and this all was a result from emails you demanded I answer during my non-work time.
  • How you repeatedly told staff that you didn't want to "manage people" and how you wanted to fully concentrate on fundraising.  That's admirable, but if what you want to do is fundraise then you should seek employment as a fundraiser and not as a director.
  • Your absolute resistance at addressing the realities of me getting my legally required lunch and rest breaks.
  • Having the opportunity to talk to previous employees at a special museum gathering and learning that you have a history of engaging in labor law violations.
  • How you expected me to have my rights violated and go away quietly when I was no longer of any use to you.