Tuesday, January 27, 2015

San Jose City Official Violates Code of Ethics Regarding Social Media Use

Can you spot the problem?

Wow, this screenshot says it all!  It tells me that Ms. Adams Hapner has forgotten the principles public officials live by.  You don't get your public affairs mixed up with your private ones.  If you are a public employee either have an open public Twitter account or keep your account private and take out the mention of what your position is.

According to the City of San Jose's Director of Communications, David Vossbrink, Ms. Adams Hapner's Twitter account is private and she can choose her Twitter followers as she pleases (i.e. discriminate).  However, there is a big problem with the "personal account" argument because Ms. Adams Hapner, who is an employee of the City of San Jose, would be getting paid to Tweet about all the things her Office is involved in, but because the account is personal then all her work-related Tweets would be for personal gain and not open to public scrutiny.  This ultimately doesn't even comply with the City's own Code of Ethics Policy.  Never mind the fact that you'll find her Twitter address published in various places, as if it were meant for the general public to use:
http://convention.artsusa.org/presenters/profile/kerry-adams-hapner (link mysteriously deactivated after this post, city denies involvement)
http://www.americansforthearts.org/events/webinars/the-arts-and%E2%80%A6arts (link mysteriously deactivated after this post, the city denies involvement) 
http://www.arts.ca.gov/blog/blogdetail.php?id=11 (this link found on 6/11/15, and to the City of San Jose, I have already contacted the WHIEEH and their general council to let them know to not honor any request you make in deactivating or editing the information found on the following link.  Why?  Because you will find Kerry Adams Hapner has approved the publication of her Twitter handle, @KAdamsHapner, on page 34)

And what's this "Opinions My Own" garbage?  I guess the part of the City of San Jose Code of Ethics that states, "City officers and employees must be independent, impartial and responsible in the performance of their duties and accountable to the members of the public" is optional and not meant to be taken seriously.

So far the City has taken no corrective action step regarding Ms. Adams Hapner's online misconduct. She is free to continue discriminately choosing who gets access to her Twitter account.

Not too long ago it was open for anyone to read.  Here is a look at what you'll now be missing out on:

Engaging Dialogue:

Creative Placemaking #SFfedCP How do we raise the ante so the #future is dramatically better? #communitydevelopment #creativeplacemaking

 Grant Ideas:

Links to Articles Concerning her Role as Director:
"After the Rep" Forensics & the Future; My & Connie Martinez's Op Ed http://www.mercurynews.com/opinion/ci_26324720/after-rep-hammer-theatre-center-will-again-be  @svcreates @mercnews @sjeconomy #SJarts #SanJose

Here's a screen shot of some of her "public" Tweets: