Friday, January 2, 2015

So You Want to be an Executive Director?

FYI I have called the San Jose Labor Commissioner's office again this morning and my case is still waiting to be finalized.

However, I would like to mention one thing that I find perplexing:
My former employer responded to my wage theft claim in a way I just don't understand.  They claimed that their name is something that it is not.

In the paperwork they submitted to the wage claim officer in the first meeting they said that they are the American Museum of Quilts and Related Arts of San Jose and they are Doing Business As the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.  Okay, so if that is their legal name then I should be able to find it on this website: CA Business Lookup and this website: Santa Clara County DBA Lookup.

Alas, no, they are not the American Museum of blady blah.  That is an old name no longer in use.   Maybe the director didn't know that if whatever business name you choose to call yourself then you have to register with the state.

Ultimately, it looks ridiculous that an Executive Director would not know what the actual legal name is of the organization they are running.  The only thing more ridiculous is being an ED who outright refuses to comply with the wage and labor laws.