Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gardena Police Chief Responds to Twitter Public Records Request

Ed Medrano, the Chief of Police for the City of Gardena, informed me that there are no individuals being blocked by the following accounts:


However, Chief Medrano informed me that there is one individual who is blocked from his public Twitter account, @GPDChief, due to the fact that the Chief has a restraining order against this unnamed individual to not contact him.

Interesting that a public official can have a restraining order against someone that denies them access to view the Tweets posted by Chief Medrano on his public Twitter account.  Reading the Chief's Tweets is different than contacting him.  Unless restrained man engages (i.e. direct tweet, retweet, favorite, message, or otherwise respond) with the Chief's public account how would anyone know if he was just reading it?

Chief Medrano did not clarify if anyone is being muted on the above mentioned accounts.