Sunday, September 27, 2015

How to Play #SpotTheUnlawfulActivity

Spotting unlawful activity on Twitter is easy!

Visit the "public" Twitter account of your favorite elected official.  Recognizing the difference between their public account versus their private (a.k.a. campaign) account can sometimes be tricky because many times the elected official isn't familiar with differentiating between a PUBLIC tweet versus a PRIVATE tweet.

What happens is you get mistakes like these:

In this example, the public Twitter account for the Texas Attorney General's Office, @TXAG, links to the private (campaign) account for Ken Paxton, @KenPaxtonTX.

Here, the Peace Corps, an agency of the US federal government, allows for the use of the @PCOIG Twitter account to RT Senator Rand Paul's campaign account.

You will also see a number of retired elected officials still using the same account that they used while in office.

@SenCarlLevin - Senator Levin's last day serving in Congress was 1/3/2015, but he still uses his account.

This is just a sample of the kinds of unlawful activity you'll find your elected officials engaging in on Twitter.  I encourage you to RT examples of unlawful activity you come across by using the #SpotTheUnlawfulActivity hashtag!