Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Santa Ana Police Arbitrarily Block & Mute users on Twitter

On Monday a great article was published on the website:
What’s @SantaAnaPD Doing to Tweets It Doesn’t Like?

For readers who thought that police agencies would only block or mute harassing, threatening, or vulgar tweets you are mistaken.

Below is an example of a muted comment, a blocked comment, and a comment that was neither muted or blocked.  See if you can decide what criteria the @SantaAnaPD uses when they decide how to censor tweets posted to their Twitter account.  (HINT: you won't, there is no criteria)

@BillyCorben was muted for the following tweet:

@Cherokee__Doll was blocked for the one of the following tweets:

However, @AirAndrade made the following comment that was neither muted or blocked:

See the full list of blocked and muted here: