Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today's #SpotTheUnlawfulActivity AKA Twitter's Cashtag Problem

I wanted to bring up the issue of how the confusion over creating a public versus a private account has suddenly become more obvious now that Twitter allows for candidates to use their account to raise campaign funds with the new Cashtag feature.

There is nothing particularly wrong with Hillary Clinton's campaign account.  However, there is something very wrong when public officials start using her Twitter handle to communicate to her or about her from their own public Twitter accounts.


A public office or communications (i.e. a Twitter account) paid with public funds are never to be used to support an individual running for office.  Knowing this, I found the following tweets posted from public accounts: 

Here is another example, one post comes from the private account of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, the other comes from his public account.  Only one of these is permissible.  See if you can #SpotTheUnlawfulActivity: