Saturday, October 31, 2015

Who are CA State Senate Members Blocking on Twitter?

Last week I posted the response to my public records request regarding the California State Assembly Member's Twitter accounts and who they block or mute.  Below is the response for the CA Senate records request and my analysis:

Twitter user @nevalloyd8 may have been blocked for the sexual nature of his tweet, however, @PoliticalPort was not blocked for this post:

  • Twitter user @Daggy1 was muted for posting the following comments to Senator Beall:

  • Twitter user @gellisllc didn't get blocked or muted for posting the following:


  • Twitter user @DindooNuffin has posted only one tweet and did it not include Senator Block:

  • I found no evidence that @DasHoobert ever communicated with Senator Block via Twitter.

  • Twitter user @KellyHaasJewel was blocked after posting these comments to Senator Mitchell:

  • Twitter user @PeterdiPierro has been blocked for posting multiple non-offensive tweets expressing his  negative opinion of Senator Mitchell, including:

  • Twitter user @Kay15Judy was blocked after posting some of the following comments:

  • Twitter user @sanmartin2015 is blocked, but has only ever sent Senator Mitchell the following tweet:

  • Twitter user  @bifrosty2k was blocked for the following comment:

  • I found no evidence that @firemedixx ever sent Senator Mitchell any communications via Twitter.

  • The @AlamedaC4L account was blocked for this tweet:

  • Twitter users @BayArea_OC@StopAB144, and @CriminalsUnion were blocked for posting multiple tweets requesting the Senator to not support Assembly Bill 144.  Some examples include:


  • Twitter user @poop01713298 posted the following non-offensive tweet to Senator Morrell, but may have been blocked strictly based on the adult content of his Twitter account:

  • Twitter user @Daggy1 was blocked after posting the following tweet:

  • Twitter user @christ2287 was blocked after posting a few tweets to the Senator about his own run for political office:

  • Twitter user @mrwhiteacre was blocked for the following conversation:

  •  Twitter user @KeiranLee was blocked for posting the following tweet:

  • Twitter user @daRRyLhaNaHxxx has been blocked for posting multiple requests for the Senator to not support Assembly Bill 332.  Some examples include:

  • I found no evidence that @JeffAlbertson ever communicated with Senator Morrell via Twitter.



  • Twitter user @Amendment2nd was blocked for posting the following two tweets to Senator Vidak:

The following Senators claim their Twitter account is private.  However let's take a look at some of the public announcements they post from their "private" accounts.