Friday, November 6, 2015

CA Gov Jerry Brown Caught Using State Resources for Private Gain

A number of different news agencies began reporting yesterday about an incident involving CA Gov. Jerry Brown and his misuse of public resources for his own private gain.  He apparently had state officials research the geologic value of his family ranch to determine if there was any possibility for future oil drilling there.

I would like to add further evidence I uncovered of Gov. Brown's misuse of public resources.  Back in September I had submitted a public records request to see the list of individuals blocked or muted by the following Twitter accounts run by Gov. Brown's Office:





Gov. Brown's Office responded by saying that the @GovPressOffice account is public, but the@JerryBrownGov@SutterBrown, and @ColusaBrown accounts are private.  You can read the full response Gov. Brown's Office sent me here

However, I wanted to point out that I included the accounts of Gov. Brown's dogs, @SutterBrown and @ColusaBrown, because they are both linked to the Governor's Office website:

This government website is paid for with tax dollars and, sadly, the governor finds it acceptable to use it to promote the private Twitter accounts of his pets.

Did you notice how @SutterBrown enjoys a larger Twitter following than the Governor's public @GovPressOffice account?