Saturday, January 16, 2016

Los Angeles Mayor and Deputy Mayor Unlawfully use their Twitter Accounts

My previous blogs have focused on how people who serve in public office are using their personal Twitter accounts to conduct public business.  The problem is that your average public official creates a Twitter account and wants the best of both public and private worlds.

Yes, a public official can have a personal Twitter account, but they should keep it personal and refrain from posting anything that would fall under the Public Records Act.  A public official can also have a public Twitter account, but there should be specific guidelines for use so that the account remains in compliance with the Public Records Act.  Currently there are no guidelines and,as you can see from the results of my public records requests regarding who public officials and agencies block on Twitter, that accounts are easily used as a form of government censorship.

So, now I want to share with you how Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Deputy Mayor Jeff Gorell are guilty of abusing their public/private/combo-mix Twitter accounts.  Again, both men claim on their profile that their account is private, but what does that mean when they use their account to make public comments related to their position?  Below you will see a number of public comments that were posted to their private account.

  • Mayor Garcetti's Comments 

As a matter of fact, this morning on Garcetti's Twitter page a number of tweets were actually responses to public inquiry:

  • Deputy Mayor Gorell's Comments