Sunday, January 3, 2016

Politwoops Returns to Twitter

Twitter recently announced that they will once again allow their API (secret code) to be used for the preservation of politicians deleted tweets on websites like Politwoops.  This is great for transparency and accountability.

I found three different accounts that illustrate the questionable ways elected officials conduct themselves on Twitter and why preservation of their tweets is so important.

  • US Congressman Ted Lieu

Rep. Lieu has his public account, @RepTedLieu.  On it you will see that he posts retweets from his private account, @tedlieu:

However, Lieu uses his private account to retweet posts from his public account, discuss public business, and to either endorse or oppose political candidates:

  • Virginia House of Delegates Rep. David Ramadan

Rep. Ramadan took an opportunity to use his Twitter account to call a woman a troll because she dared to inquire about his campaign finances.  Ramadan's response was deplorable:

Ramadan's term ends this week.

  • Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

What can I say about Kenney?  He just became mayor of a major city and he has a history of using profane language:

Mayor Kenney just posted this tweet:

So, with the return of Politwoops I hope that these tweets, and the many others just like them, continue to be saved in order to further promote transparency and accountability in our government.