Thursday, January 14, 2016

The SFPD Social Media Policy gets an Update (of sorts)

The San Francisco Police Department has been busy trying to update their social media policy to help make sure that it remains transparent and compatible with all applicable laws.

Here's a quick look at what will get your comments either deleted or your account blocked:

Their policy isn't perfect.  It doesn't even comply with the California Public Records Act.  The SFPD's social media accounts are public record and the Act provides no 48 hour stipulation to deny one access to public records.  However, I applaud them on their effort to perfect it anyway.  That is why I wanted to share with you the problems I have found with the Twitter account of Suzy Loftus, the San Francisco Police Commission President.

You will notice that Suzy has included in her Twitter profile what her public position is and that her account links to a taxpayer sponsored website.  She does warn readers that opinions expressed are her own.  That's nice, but not all her tweets are private.  Some cross the line into her public life.