Friday, March 25, 2016

Twitter Censors Accounts Critical of Monsanto

I have previously blogged about Twitter censoring accounts based on both the account holder's political affiliation and race, but now I want to present to you accounts I found that are likely being censored because they are critical of either Monsanto, GMO's, the use of pesticides, or all of the above:

@SusanStopsongs (censored status changes)
@FarmFairyCrafts (censored status changes)

I came across these censored accounts by doing a Twitter search on the following hashtags:
#Monsanto, #StopMonsanto, #DarkAct, #GMO, and #NoGMO

Here are some examples of the types of tweets that may have gotten the account holder censored:

(FYI For instructions on how to do a search visit my blog

Keep in mind that when Twitter censors your content, your tweets are no longer available to be found using their search engine.  The only way for another person to see your tweets is to actually visit your Twitter account.