Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Morgan Fairchild Follows a High Number of Censored Accounts

I'm currently using my own Twitter account, @AngelaGreben, to follow all the censored accounts I find (see how easy it is to test an account).

Five days ago when I went to Morgan Fairchild's list of accounts she follows on Twitter I noticed something interesting.  Since I was already following a number of censored animal rights related accounts it just so happened she and I were following several of the same people.  I ran my search test on these accounts once again to make sure they were indeed censored. They all were and I posted these tweets:

As of May 26th all of the following accounts were censored and as of this morning only four had become uncensored:

@culturanimal_es uncensored as of 5/31/16
@bidtosaveastray uncensored as of 5/31/16
@beaker1986 uncensored as of 5/31/16
@Elverojaguar uncensored as of 5/31/16

Feel free to tweet @jack and ask him to explain the inconsistencies of his public statement.