Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Barbi Twins Follow Even More Censored Twitter Accounts than Morgan Fairchild

Yesterday I blogged about the high number of censored Twitter accounts Morgan Fairchild follows.  Well, it turns out she has serious competition with the Barbi Twins.  I spent just a little time this morning doing a cursory glance at who the Barbi Twins follow on Twitter and came up with a whopping 27 accounts:


So, when I say these people have a censored account, I mean that their tweets get treated a little bit differently.  That's because when Twitter censors you, your content is no longer available to be found on their platform.  Not all accounts are censored forever, but I've certainly noticed plenty that have been censored for several months.

Read more here about how easy it is to see if a Twitter account is being censored.